R&D Tax Relief: Qualifying R&D Costs

22 March 2019 Scott Burkinshaw Radius - R&D Tax Relief & Patent Box, Business Taxes

I want to make a claim for a Research and Development tax credit; how do I determine exactly what is classed as qualifying R&D costs?

Many companies will be aware that they may be able to claim a research and development tax credit, yet fail to research the situation further.

One of the barriers stopping people from claiming is a lack of understanding over what costs qualify for the additional relief.  We have created an easy to follow guide to qualifying R&D costs which is available here to download. 

Identifying the correct level of qualifying costs is crucial to the whole process as the tax saving is based on the qualifying expenditure – as a broad rule of thumb, a successful company can claim relief of almost £25 per every £100 of qualifying expenditure.

How do find out what ‘qualifying expenditure’ is?

Perhaps your company has invested in a project which, having read a little about R&D, you suspect might qualify for relief. You may have;

  • staff working on technological challenges
  • been involved in a number of prototypes for your project
  • rented premises to carry out this work
  • invested in capital equipment to enable the process
  • been involved in costly testing of the prototype, or
  • used a consultant to assist with the software element

But how do you find out more and how exactly do you go about making a claim?    Our simple guide to help you consider the types of expenses that would qualify and those that would not. 

Download your guide

Written by professionals with many years' experience and a proven track record of sucessful Research and Development tax credit claims, this easy to digest guide is a must for businesses who are unsure whether their expenses would qualify for this valuable relief.  

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