R&D tax relief case studies – how we helped clients save tax

31 May 2019 Scott Burkinshaw Radius, R&D Tax Relief, Business Taxes

Our Radius team of experienced tax specialists have helped hundreds of innovative businesses from a wide spectrum of sectors and industries, obtain millions of pounds of tax savings  via generous government backed Research and Development (R&D) tax reliefs.

Providing an incentive to innovate via the tax system, the reliefs rewards innovative companies that undertake R&D as they seek to make an ‘appreciable’ improvement in science or technology.  The relief is generous - a SME incurring £100,000 of costs on qualifying R&D activity could save around £25,000 in Corporation Tax. Cash repayments are also available to loss making companies.

Recent tax savings for clients include the following;

Sector / Industry Tax saving (£) Claim date
Industrial Equipment Manufacturer £23k (Patent box) May 2019
Rail Sector £8k May 2019
Electrical Engineering £17.5k May 2019
Electronics Manufacturer £66k April 2019
Cyber Security  £98k April 2019
Software £14k March 2019
Engineering £53k (Patent box) March 2019
Engineering £15k March 2019
Aggregates £36k March 2019
Sports industry £45k March 2019
Software £65k March 2019
Recycling £53k March 2019
Software £5k March 2019
Manufacturing £27k March 2019
Software £69k March 2019
Analytics Company £5k March 2019
Electronic Equip Manufacturer £28k March 2019
Engineering £9k March 2019
Road Sector £3k March 2019
Medical Sector £76k March 2019
Engineering £18k March 2016
Electrical Equip Manufacturer £23k March 2019
Knives manufacturer £4k March 2019
Environmental maintenance £82k March 2019
Manufacturing £22k February 2019
Software Company £80k February 2019
Manufacturing Company £3k February 2019
Electronics Sector £6k January 2019

To discover whether you are eligible to claim, download our eligibility checklist. It takes less than 10 minutes to review.
Your Eligibility Checklist Here are just a few more examples of the types of R&D activities that our team have claimed R&D tax relief for over the years:  

Sector / Industry Project Tax saving (£)
Electronics Manufacture of innovatory display equipment 1m+
Software Development Producing ground breaking new software including writing algorithms 300k+
Software Development Developing new visual entertainment software £100k+
Software Development Development of software involving intuitive referencing of SQL databases 50k+
Steel Heat Treatment Automating & refining heat treatment processes 200k+
Aerospace Manufacturing Developing products and necessary new tooling for the power and aerospace industries 200k+
Chemical Manufacturing Developing new compounds for the packaging industry 150k+
Engineering Prototype development to satisfy customer requests to modify existing products c.100k
Chemical Testing Development of methods of testing chemical compounds for customers c.75k
Manufacturing of Animal Feeds Development of new animal health products 20k+
Steel Manufacturing Developing more efficient manufacturing processes and supporting software 100k+
Motorsport Development of new processes and configurations for motor racing vehicles c.75k
Advanced Design Development of a ground breaking 3D printing process 10k+
Engineering Development of high performance seating components 100k+

The Radius team adopt a simple, straightforward and painless approach when working with companies on the preparation of their R&D claims, ensuring that they are compliant with the legislation and maximised as far as possible.

Our skilled and experienced team of R&D specialists can quickly assess the potential eligibility of a business’s development work and scope for a possible claim, before going on to prepare a claim.

Typically our process involves three simple stages

We will do most of the work so you don’t have to.

Claiming R&D tax relief is simpler than you may think. So if your business is making an ‘appreciable’ improvement in technology or science, you could join the thousands of innovative companies nationally that have already benefited from R&D tax reliefs.

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