Top 6 reasons to file your Tax Return early

24 June 2014 Scott Burkinshaw View all News

Many people put off completing their self assessment tax return and often, it is not completed until quite late in the year.  We are now almost 3 months into the new tax year, and now is an ideal time to ensure that your tax affairs are up to date.
There are many reasons why completing your tax return early may benefit you; here is our top 6.
1.  Know your liability

File your tax return now, and;

• Be aware of your tax liability earlier;
• avoid last minute panics and the potential for HMRC interest and penalties;
• It may be possible for tax owed of up to £3,000 to be collected through your salary or pension; and
• Give yourself longer to budget for payment.  (Filing your return early does not mean paying your tax earlier.)

2.  Get your repayment in your account

If you are due a tax repayment, submitting your return early will result in receiving the repayment quicker, particularly as HM Revenue & Customs are less busy over the summer months.

3.  Reducing your payments on account

You may be required to make payments on account based on your previous year’s income tax liability. Calculating your tax liability early will give the opportunity to consider reducing the July payment on account, if your income has reduced.

4.  More time for tax planning

Preparing your return early allows time to consider and implement any tax planning opportunities for the following year.

5.  One job done

Many people do not like completing their tax return and may put it to one side.  Filing now, gives one less thing for you to think about.

6.  Don’t get caught out by the unknown 

If you do not file your tax return information until the last minute, unknown factors such as illness, mislaid information or disruptive weather could add additional stress. Being organised in dealing with your tax affairs avoids the further headache of missed deadlines and HMRC interest and penalties.

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