What qualifies for R&D Tax Relief?

20 October 2021 Tom Whitworth View all News

R&D Tax Relief is available for a wide range of innovative activities, for businesses of any size and working in almost any industry. It doesn’t matter if a company is profit or loss making, and there are distinctive schemes designed for both SMEs and larger businesses.

For a project to qualify, it must meet the government’s definition of R&D, broadly speaking:

  • It must attempt to achieve an advance or improvement in science and technology.
  • It must attempt to overcome a technological or scientific uncertainty.

What industries can qualify?

R&D tax relief can be claimed by companies in almost any industry; however, some of the most prevalent industries for claims include:

  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Software and Internet
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Printing
  • Transport
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technological

Is there a minimum expenditure for R&D tax relief?

There is no minimum expenditure for your project to qualify for R&D tax relief, so if you have invested in R&D you can still make a claim subject to eligibility criteria.

How can Radius help?

The Radius team at Shorts has unrivalled expertise when it comes to R&D Tax Relief claims. Our team has led a diverse range of companies, across multiple industries, in submitting robust and compliant claims, while maximising value.

Radius has helped clients save more than £19m in R&D Tax Relief over the last 6 years, with an average claim value of £38k.

For more information on claiming, you can contact us for a free consultation, or download our free R&D Eligibility Checklist now.

What should I read next?

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