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This year, like every year, both of our offices have participated in Christmas Jumper Day. Feeling Christmassy dressed in our most festive attire whilst raising money for great charities is a win-win situation. Everyone came to work dressed for the occasion, and don't they all look festive? 

This year, our participation in Christmas Jumper Day held a special significance. We decided to use this festive occasion to donate to S6 Foodbank, a remarkable organisation supporting our community. S6 has a presence in 11 locations across Sheffield. The Foodbank has emerged as the largest Foodbank in the UK, providing countless individuals and families with a lifeline.

The Foodbank is run by local churches, who rely on the community's and supermarkets' generosity to ensure that those in need have access to essential food supplies. The success of this initiative cannot be mistaken, with a staggering 21,891 adults and 12,633 children fed between April and September 2023 in and around Sheffield. 

S6 Foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust, which oversees an extensive network of 428 Foodbanks across the UK. The demand for these vital resources has grown, with approximately 2.99 million people relying on Foodbanks in 2022/2023—an increase from the previous year. Sadly, while the number of individuals in need continues to rise, there has been a simultaneous decrease in helpers and donations, leaving Foodbanks in desperate need of support.

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We are proud to have raised a fantastic £221 for S6 Foodbank. Every penny of the donation will be put to great use, enabling the Foodbank to combat hunger and help alleviate poverty in our community. 

Our Tax Technical Director, Brian Gooch, is closely related to the S6 Foodbank. Brian was once a director and trustee of the Foodbank. He still loves to get involved and help where he can.  

Even our beloved office dog, Matilda, couldn't resist getting in on the festive dressing. She wore a lovely festive scarf, and didn't she look fabulous?


Well done, and thank you to the team that participated in Christmas Jumper Day and contributed to our fundraising efforts! 


Jo Grant

Jo is the Senior Marketing Manager at Shorts Chartered Accountants.

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